Project Description

ARTIST | Megan Cope and Hannah Quinlivan

PROJECT | 80 Ann Street


iAM Scope | Integrated Art Strategy

In 2019 iAM Projects was engaged by MIRVAC to develop an Integrated Art Strategy for their flagship development project at 80 Ann Street. Two artworks by artists Megan Cope and Hannah Quinlivan were commissioned. The curatorial approach for the artwork was developed around the central theme of Bounty.

Bounty connects to the Indigenous history of the site as being close to a camp site where local and neighbouring tribes used to harvest the plentiful local resources in the Meeaan-jin area. In post-settlement history of the site it was a fruit and produce exchange. A prosperous supply that fostered the growth of Brisbane and regions. Bounty connects to the architectural vision of embracing community and providing an open-air garden and lush green landscape for pedestrians. A gift in an urban environment.

Megan Cope’s artwork, What becomes of the clouds echoes the landscape and history of 80 Ann St, remembering the creek which used to run through the site. The waterway outline underfoot in the marble terrazzo directs the public’s movement through the laneway while the glass and light sculpture in the ceiling follows the undulation and waterflow from the river to the reservoir simultaneously corresponding to the brass inlay, connecting land to sky and the relationship water plays within that space.

Fluency by Hannah Quinlivan was inspired by the Brisbane River as a source of life, energy and bounty. The suspended artwork fabricated from glass and aluminium builds on Hannah’s doctoral research in visual art and alludes to imagery of eddies, currents and rain falling on water to capture and amplify the rhythm of city-life along the river’s edge.

Megan Cope Photographer: Carl Grey. Hannah Quinlivan photographs: courtesy the artist.