Project Description

ARTIST | Aly de Groot

WEAVERS | Kabi Kabi weavers Beverly Hand, Cecelia Combo, Brianna Asher and Helena Gulash

PROJECT | Sunshine Coast University Hospital Lift Lobbies x 2 (Jelly Fish, Comorant)

CLIENT | Lendlease on behalf of Exemplar Health and Queensland Government

iAM Scope | Curatorial, Public Art Project Management

The two lift lobbies are central elements of the Hospital Street and provide the lift transport for the public and visitors from the ground level to the upper floors of the Facility. The ability of visitors to find the A and B lift lobbies and access the correct lift is an important wayfinding aspect for the hospital. Interweave is a collaborative project between artist and weaver Aly de Groot and a group of Indigenous weavers from the Kabi Kabi traditional land: Beverly Hand, Cecelia Combo, Brianna Asher and Helena Gulash.

Interweave features two clusters of handwoven sculptural forms lit with subtle fibre optic lighting. Lift Lobby A features The Jellyfish installation, and Lift Lobby B features The Great Cormorant Bird installation. Lift Lobby A: The Jellyfish, features five jellyfish hand-woven from sustainably sourced, neutral fishing line and fibre optic cable. There are many different species of jellyfish found in the ocean near the hospital and the artwork is an evocative and calming signature artwork for the lobby A area. Lift Lobby B: The Great Cormorant Bird, features a series of five birds inspired by one of Australia’s most elegant birds, the Great Cormorant, also hand-woven from sustainably sourced fishing line and fibre optic cable. These birds are found commonly in the Sunshine Coast region and are known internationally as the ‘fishing bird’; is an apt title for birds woven out of fishing line.

 Special Thanks to Helena Gulash, Kabi Kabi consultant.