Project Description

ARTIST | Emma Coulter

PROJECT | Coffs Civic Space

CLIENT | Coffs Harbour City Council

iAM Scope | Art Strategy, Concept Design Phase

iAM Projects was engaged to develop an Art Strategy for the Coffs Harbour Cultural and Civic Space – Yarilla Place. A vibrant community hub combining the arts, people, technology and culture.

Emma Coulter was commissioned to create an integrated artwork, let them feel the light in the atrium space in the heart of the building. The work traverses the light filled atrium space, dispersing colour and illumination, in acknowledgement of the meaning of Yarrila, whilst also drawing inspiration from Coffs Harbour’s geographic coastal location. Through the artist’s voice these ideas intersect with concepts of memory, time and feeling to culminate into a unique site-specific work.

Central to the works ideation, is the idea of light reflected on the surface of the water, and refracted light dispersed into colour. Coffs Harbour’s subtropical, surf coast location, connection to the water, and historical Coffs Harbour lighthouse, are each interpretive elements. The work intends to form a lantern at the heart of the new cultural centre, ever changing with the day, as time interacts with the surface of the work, creating coloured patterns and shadows through engaging with the buildings innate materiality, fabric and light. By night, the work is transformed into a new abstract composition, as illuminated, coloured glass panels assert themselves in isolation, in the absence of natural daylight. The physical transformation marks the passage of time, with the work acting as a beacon or a landmark, in reference to the idea of a lighthouse, guiding us through the night.

Photographers: Martin Siegner and Emma Coulter