Project Description

ARTIST | Daniel Templeman

PROJECT | Bank of Queensland | Integrated Art Facade

CLIENT | Charter Hall Wholesale Management Pty Ltd

iAM SCOPE | Curator and Public Art Management

COMPLETION |  June 2014

Installation images courtesy Hutchinson Builders.

Daniel Templeman was selected to develop his concept design for the facade treatment for this building will be integrated into the architecture of the building to provide screening of the carpark and necessary ventilation.

“The central theme of the artwork brief was reflection, and I aimed to create a work that exploits the movement of light across the extent of the façade whilst retaining a formal relationship with the adjacent gasometer. The work grew from the idea of creating an object that if rotated, in conception, would reveal the impact of light upon the appearance of that object.

The facade is conceivably a series of simultaneous yet different views of the same object. Unlike the traditional experience of sculpture as, a work ‘in–the–round’, Turn does not reveal itself via the movement of the viewer; rather its ‘movement’ presents all sides. Ideally the viewer’s perception of the object will be understood as contingent on the works location, orientation, and relationship to the available light.”  Daniel Templeman 2013