Project Description

ARTIST | Davis Thomas

PROJECT | Sunshine Coast University Hospital

CLIENT | Lendlease on behalf of Exemplar Health and Queensland Government

iAM Scope | Curatorial, Public Art Project Management

Kin is a subtle yet dynamic artwork that reflects upon the ancient local landscape and flora, cycles of time, rituals of community, gathering and belonging. The artwork functions as both a visually engaging vista from within the waiting room, as well as a porous screen giving privacy between the waiting room and the activities within the courtyard. The Cancer Care Courtyard, offers secluded views for reflection and observation of the artwork to gather their thoughts or simply be for a moment.

Each sculptural element is handmade and unique, offering a diffused vibrant light source that transitions across a colour sweep of healing colours. The pace of light change is such that the viewer might not recognise the change until it is complete – creating a subtle dynamism in the work. The native flora of the area inspires the concept; the richness of texture, structure, colour and form of this ancient native habitat. In particular the Banksia and it’s cycle from seed pod to flower to pod has underpinned the visual language of the sculptural elements. They transition from one form to the other in a cycle that echoes in time immemorial; connecting to both the annual cycle of seasons and the geographic timescale of the Sunshine Coast’s landscape.