Project Description

ARTISTS | Colleen Wall, Maurice Mickelow, Hope O’Chin, Dhana Bokelund & Lyndon Davis

PROJECT | Sunshine Coast University Hospital, Indigenous Welcome ‘Wanya’

CLIENT | Lendlease on behalf of Exemplar Health and Queensland Government

iAM Scope | Curatorial, Graphic Design, Public Art Project Management

WUNYA means ‘welcome’ in the Kabi Kabi (Gubbi Gubbi) language, the traditional owners and custodians of this area. This unique collaborative artwork symbolises a call to country, where the artists represent meaningful elements of their native flora and fauna.

Kabai Bee, the endangered Bulimbirjari Butterfly and Mibir Mary River turtle are all very important spirit people of our land law. – Colleen Wall

The Dolphin, Yuloo, and the Goanna, Waruee, in their environment, both embody our values of ‘Place’, ‘Belonging’, ‘Respect’ and ‘Lore’. – Hope O’Chin

We look after our ancestral country, Djaagan – from the ocean and rivers, to the rainforest and mountains – and the land looks after us. – Maurice Mickelo

The Bauple, Macadamia nut signifies the uniqueness of our flora and fauna as it grew only in the Kabi Kabi catchment originally. – Dhana Bokelund

The Black Swan, Goolooin, represents Maroochy, an ancestral being searching for the spirit of lost love Guloom, Mt Coolum. – Lyndon Davis