Project Description


PROJECT | Aqua Linear, Gladstone East Shores Water Park

ARTIST | James Watts

CLIENT | Gladstone East Shores

iAM SCOPE | Curator and Public Art Management

STAGE | Completed 2014

The project supported the artist to develop a significant site specific entry statement for the new Gladstone Maritime Exporters Precinct Stage 1A project.

The major public artwork bookends the precinct and provides an interactive effect both during the day and night. It is a major contemporary artwork create by emerging artists James Watts that conceptually reflects the maritime history of the area. 

The design of Aqua Linear allows pedestrians to walk through the piece, entering the parkland via the artwork. Thus creating a significant entry statement to mark the importance of this landmark precinct for the community of Gladstone.

Aqua Linear also provides a new experience at different viewpoints around the site including from Auckland Hill using the Moire effect. It also incorporates lighting that transforms the artwork from daytime into the night.