Project Description


CLIENT | NEWflames Inc. Foundation

iAM SCOPE | Curatorial, Sponsorship and Partner Brokering

STAGE | Live at QPAC Playhouse Green – Grey Street South Brisbane

NEWflames Inc. is a not for profit foundation that empowers emerging contemporary Australian Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander artists to realise their projects and develop their practice. iAM has been engaged by NEWflames Inc. Board to deliver a major new work with artist Megan Cope.

Megan was commissioned to create a new video artwork entitled “Vicissitude”.  iAM brokered partnerships with QPAC, Corporate Initiatives and Panasonic to deliver the project.  This temporary art projection will appear on the fringe of the Asia Pacific Triennial at Queensland Art Gallery.

“This toponymic video series is a recent development in my current practice and extension of my mapping works, as a young artist I think its really important to investigate new modes of visual communication. NEWflames has enabled me to further explore these aspects of my practice, create new work and also given me the opportunity to work with Adric Watson, a young film maker also based in Brisbane.” Megan Cope

Megan worked with Adric Watson, a young film maker, winner of BIFF 2012 Cinematography award to produce the short 7 minute video artwork.