Project Description

PROJECT | The Sentinel, Gladstone East Shores Water Park

ARTIST | Simone Eisler

CLIENT | Gladstone East Shores

iAM SCOPE | Curator and Public Art Management

STAGE | Completed 2014

An interactive sculptural artwork situated within the hugely popular water play park at the new East Shores – Gladstone Coal Exporters Maritime Precinct. The aptly named Sentinel, designed by artist Simone Eisler, stands over the water play park and is essentially about balance, but also a celebration of life in the region. “It is a jewel in the crown of what Gladstone has to offer,” said Eisler. “Whilst it provides shade and water play interactivity, it mirrors the life around it and allows the imagination of a place to soar. “I hope that children will create their own games around it and that the community will feel a sense of pride and ownership of the work.”

Eisler said the piece was inspired by maritime, aquatic and industrial imagery, as well as the history and geography of Gladstone and connections to country. “In developing a concept, I explored the colours and micro geometry of coral, shells, sea urchins, crustaceans, star fish and the surfaces of these creatures, including the scales of fish – particularly their iridescence. “I also investigated the maritime and industrial landscape of Gladstone Harbour, particularly the machinery and industrial processes, and the geometric shapes and jewel-like facets of minerals including coal.

“Another element that was central to the artwork was the theme of reflection, not only in terms of light reflecting off the water but also the idea of a community reflecting and communicating the links between family, culture and history,” Simone Eisler.