Project Description

ARTIST | Frances Belle Parker

PROJECT | Tweed Valley Hospital

CLIENT | Lendlease on behalf of New South Wales Health Infrastructure

iAM Scope | Art Strategy, Concept Design Phase, Design Development and Install

The Path We Take by Frances Belle Parker is an outdoor integrated artwork located at the entrance of Tweed Valley Hospital. A homage to Bundjalung country, Frances describes how the rich colours in the work are symbolic of both the earth and waterways in the area. The linework represents connections, journeys, travel and pathways. Strong emphasis is given to the awe-inspiring coastline, the starting point for many of the creation stories for this area.

There is a sense of movement within the composition that signifies growth and healing. The work is symbolic of the layers of the land in tandem with the many layered, holistic approaches to health and wellbeing – of the body and soul.

The canoe shapes within the landscape are a reference to the Bundjalung Dreaming Story of the Three Brothers. This story is also reflected in the night sky, with the inclusion of three bright stars as the brothers and the smaller stars representing ancestors. These stories are symbolic of Aboriginal Spirituality and connections to place.

Photography courtesy the artist.