Project Description

ARTIST | Hiromi Tango

PROJECT | Tweed Valley Hospital

CLIENT | Lendlease on behalf of New South Wales Health Infrastructure

iAM Scope | Art Strategy, Concept Design Phase, Design Development and Install

Hiromi Tango’s, GARDEN | HEALING TOGETHER is Tweed Valley Hospital’s flagship artwork situated in the main foyer of the hospital. Exploring the healing and medicinal properties of flora in the Tweed Valley region and the powerful influence of aroma and colour on mood. Informed by members of the local Aboriginal and South Sea Islander communities, the artwork takes as its starting point the shape of the lilly pilly berry. Its blue and green colour palette recalls the lush nature of the Tweed Valley between the coast and the hinterland, inspiring feelings of calm and wellbeing.

The local community was invited to create woven elements for the artwork during a series of workshops, where they participated in the soothing, meditative process of creating “seedlings”. More than 500 community members contributed to the artwork; winding yarn, sorting materials, exploring texture and colour, while connecting with each other through the shared experience.

Photographer: Alex Chomicz