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PROJECT | Gasworks Newstead

iAM SCOPE | Curatorial | Public art management

STAGE | Complete September 2013



As part of AVEO’s re-development of The Gasworks at Newstead, a Public Art Strategy forms the foundation for commissioning of permanent site-specific artworks for The Gasworks precinct.

“Drawing upon the key ideas of Illumination, Reflection and Repetition Gaswork expresses the transitions of Gas from element to the tangible yet equally ephemeral state of flame and light.

The artwork possesses strong formal qualities and presence that is coupled with a dynamic optical effect that generates a fleeting illusiveness. The billowing rhythmic form dissects the dining pod and walkway, activating the precinct through dynamic redirection and reflection of light generated by the passers by and the lighting.”

Davis Thomas 2013.

IMAGE: Courtesy Davis Thomas – Sculptural Facade Treatment to Laneway.