PROJECT | SYNAESTHESIAC – Silver Crush Pop Box | Temporary Art Event
ARTIST | Michelle Xen
iAM SCOPE | Production and marketing
STAGE | Production

SYNAESTHESIAC is a multiplatform project created by Michelle Xen which includes a music and video release, video installation, performance events, dance and fashion.

As a major element of Michelle’s SYNAESTHESIAC project, the Silver Crush Pop Box will mesh Art + Music + Film into a temporary art installation event at which the audience become co-creators.   iAM is producing this event to be installed in a prominent CBD pre-development site and will engage a broad audience inviting them to contribute to the filming of the video.

Michelle Xen is a musician, visual artist and performer, whose practice works in the fissure between pop music and contemporary art. She works in sound, song, video, paint, garment and installation reshaping her making for the parameters of each project.

SYNAESTHESIAC Stage II has received funding from Brisbane City Council, Creative Communities.